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SEC Publishes Final Results

The State Election Commission (SEC) has confirmed that total 666,743 citizens voted at the referendum which accounts for 36.91 % of the registered voters. The institution that organized the referendum noted that all records had been processed and the referendum question was affirmatively answered by 609,813 voters – 91.46 %, whereas 37,700 voters – 5.65 % were against. 19,221 votes, ...

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PM Zaev: Attempt for Securing 2/3 Majority, Otherwise Snap Elections

In a matter of few days, we shall know whether there will be an ambiance for reaching an agreement with the opposition for a two-thirds majority that is necessary to vote for the constitutional changes in the Parliament that are a result of the Agreement with Greece.  This was stressed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a statement at the ...

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