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Gergery Gulyas Reiterates Stand on Macedonian Judiciary and Prison Conditions

Hungary’s authorities aren’t sure whether former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski received a fair trial in Macedonia. Gergely Gulyas, Minister of the Hungarian PM’s Office, once again said that Macedonia had a problem with its judiciary and prison conditions. “The conditions in the Macedonian prisons, too, should be taken into consideration, as should the situation with the Macedonian judiciary, which receive ...

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PM Zaev Message on Revolutionary Struggle Day

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev congratulated October 23-Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle on Tuesday, saying togetherness is the key for all future challenges of peace, stability and better life. “The bravery of the activists of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle to whom we bow today is our incentive to make Macedonia a dignified country. We are learning from history and moving boldly ...

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President Ivanov Message on Revolution Day

President Gjorge Ivanov extended Tuesday greetings on October 23-Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle. “The greatest goal of one nation is to create its own state. This day is key in the Macedonian revolutionary struggle for achievement of that goal. On this day 125 years ago, several brave Macedonians established the Macedonian revolutionary committee that gave hope to the people, while ...

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