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VMRO-DPMNE stages Protests in Skopje and Prilep

On Friday, VMRO-DPMNE staged a protest in Skopje. “The first battle that will be won and the first punishment from the people for the anti-people’s work will be the victory in the presidential elections, which will also mean an announcement of early parliamentary elections,” party leader Hristijan Mickoski pointed out. The party will publish the competition for candidates for the ...

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Interior Ministry taking Measures in Relation to Sunday’s Incident in Tetovo

The Interior Ministry is taking all measures regarding Sunday’s incident involving supporters in Tetovo, according to Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. “Regarding supporters that were chanting nationalist messages in Tetovo, measures are being taken within the frameworks of the Tetovo Internal Sectors concerning either group. Today, we’ve issued a special task in the area of prevention so that we work with ...

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Ministers Pledge Zero Tolerance on Corruption

Zero tolerance on corruption, measures to fight corruption and its elimination in all spheres, actions taken by all executive stakeholders in close cooperation with the non-governmental sector was pledged by government representatives attending Friday’s event with civil organizations. The event, the second in a row, is part of the government’s efforts to organize regular ‘open day’ meetings with civil organizations. ...

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