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Koumoutsakos: New Democracy would negotiate for New Agreement in future

The member of the Greek opposition Giorgos Koumoutsakos says in an interview for the Greek newspaper “Real News” that New Democracy will never support the Prespa Agreement. “If the current ruling majority in Greece fails to adopt the agreement, it will leave room for further negotiations, in which we can preserve our national interests better and remove any opportunity for ...

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Katrougalos: Prespa Agreement shall be Ratified in Greek Parliament

In an interview for newspaper “Real News”, the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Giorgos Katrougalos says that the Greek Parliament shall ratify with no doubt the Prespa Agreement on the resolution of the name issue with Macedonia. “The voting in the Parliament in Skopje represents an especially positive development which proves that the Prespa Agreement holds on to ...

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