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Deskoska: New extradition Request for Grujevski and Boskoski being Translated

The main arguments the Justice Ministry will use to request for Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskoski to be extradited from Greece is to refute the Greek Court’s arguments regarding the pardons granted by President Gjorge Ivanov, according to Minister Renata Deskoska. As she pointed out on Monday, a new extradition request is ready and its translation is underway in accordance ...

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Deskoska: Amnesty in VMRO-DPMNE’s Draft Law too Wide

Commenting on the Government’s negative opinion about the draft amnesty law filed by VMRO-DPMNE, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska stated on Wednesday that the amnesty covered in the document had been too wide. “So, the stand was that a potential amnesty and other issues of that type need to be resolved within the frameworks of the reconciliation body in Parliament,” the ...

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Justice Minister Deskoska at Tirana Forum on Justice and Home Affairs

Macedonia will keep implementing the reforms, not only to meet the EU membership criteria but first and foremost for the benefit of its citizens, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska told Thursday the EU-Western Balkans Ministerial Forum on Justice and Home Affairs in Tirana. The reforms are being implemented under the national judicial reform strategy 2018-2025, which should strengthen the independence and ...

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