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MP Mukoski: Court should Allow More Time for Work in Parliament

Krsto Mukoski, who is part of the new parliamentary group, considers that the Criminal Court should allow him to have more time for the MP position. Part of the MPs charged in the trial over the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament think that it’s necessary for them to have more free time so that they get involved in Parliament’s ...

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Decision for Initiating Constitutional Revision Endorsed

The Parliament endorsed late Friday the decision to initiate constitutional revision arising from the Prespa Agreement by the required two-third majority. Eighty out of 120 MPs voted in favor of the decision. Afterwards, VMRO-DPMNE MP group coordinator Dragan Danev asked for an individual vote, which concluded with the same result – 80 MPs saying ‘Yes’ and 39 ‘No’. Among those ...

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