Unlike in the past, there are now many options when it comes to telephony in Macedonia.

There are two operators for landline telephony and five mobile operators. One can choose between Makedonski Telekom (Macedonian Telecom) and for landlines, the former being the oldest telephony company in Macedonia whose services also include providing internet, and the latter, a company which expanded its business from providing internet to landline telephony. Both operators’ services include national calls toward the MT network, calls toward the mobile networks and international calls.

As mentioned above, there is greater choice as to mobile telephony. One can turn to:


The mobile operators offer pre-paid and post-paid services with several tariff packages which are convenient for all kinds of requirements. Mobile phones are also sold at some of the operators’ points of sale. All information related to the tariff packages and mobile phones sales can be found on the websites of the operators given above.