14-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Dead

The 14-year-old missing girl from Skopje, Vanja Gjorcevska, was found dead today in the surrounding area of Skopje, police said on Sunday night. Police officers from Veles found also found the dead body of a 74-year-old from the city, who had been reported missing on 24 November, three days before Gjorcevska.

Regarding the two cases, there are five suspects. A detention measure is being sought for three of them, one is not in the country, while the fifth is in a police station. Previously, a burned-down Citroen vehicle had been found.

According to the investigative activities, the same persons committed the two murders. The motive was self-interest. Also, according to the carried out operational measures, Gjorcevska was taken in a car from the entrance of the place where she lived on 27 November and was killed the same day, at around 10 am.

Searches were performed at homes and other areas on the territories of the Skopje, Veles, and Stip Internal Affairs Sectors. Mobile phones, a vehicle, computers et cetera were taken away, while there were also numerous conversations with families, acquaintances, friends, and persons that could have any information.

As the Ministry explained, all suspects are ethnic Macedonians. Telma reported that one person was the suspect in the two murders. “Sources close to the investigation have told the TV station that the person is L. P., nicknamed P.,” Telma added. People on social media are saying it is businessperson Ljupco Palevski, nicknamed Palco.