AA Secures Parliamentary Majority for Caretaker Government

Sloboden Pecat reported that the necessary majority of 61 MPs for adoption of the decision for inauguration of the caretaker government has been secured after the Alliance for Albanians (AA) confirmed that their party will endorse the inauguration of the caretaker government headed by DUI’s Talat Xhaferi as caretaker PM.

AA conditioned their support with keeping the position they acquired at the State Electoral Commission (SEC) while they were in opposition. The European Alliance of the parties Besa, Alternative and Democratic Movement, demanded for their representative to be appointed at SEC instead of AA, but ultimately decided to boycott the procedure for appointment, and the entire work of the Parliament.

The MPs from VMRO-DPMNE already announced that they will not vote for the adoption of the caretaker government, but will still propose their candidates for the ministerial positions in it.