Additional Deputy Interior Minister with New Data on Personal Documents Issue

On Thursday, additional Deputy Interior Minister Mitko Bojmacaliev, asked how many citizens were yet to obtain personal documents even though they had had their photos taken, said around 48,000 passports at a national level had been approved.

“People have had their photos taken, but the documents haven’t been printed. With that, we are not meeting the legal deadline. Regarding IDs, the number at a national level is 33,000. At a level of Skopje, it’s about 44,000 and 3,000 passports and 30,000 IDs. This again confirms the thesis that the interior of the country is almost finished. Citizens have replaced their personal documents. Only the City of Skopje remains,” he said, praising the work of employees at the services.

Bojmacaliev stated that there was no sabotage whatsoever in the document replacement process.

“I must admit employees do painstaking work. But we must pay attention so that the whole process functions normally. There is no other problem. All it takes is better management, which existed in the past,” he stressed.