Ademi Describes Rexhepi’s Comments that Ahmeti Met Mickoski as Fake News

During the Daily Click show on 21 TV on Thursday, VLEN’s Kastriot Rexhepi said that the DUI-led European Front had been and was insisting on being part of the government.

As he added, though DUI leader Ali Ahmeti has met VMRO-DPMNE leader and PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski, VLEN and Mickoski’s party will form the government.

However, Arber Ademi of Ahmeti’s party said there had been no Ahmeti-Mickoski meeting. During the show, Rexhepi also talked about the constitutional changes issue. VLEN, he stated, is insisting on some deadline of two, three or six months.

“If they are not made, the participation in the ruling coalition should be considered,” Rexhepi stressed.