Ahmeti: European Front Coalition Legitimate Representative of Ethnic Albanians

At a press-conference on Wednesday, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said the European Front coalition led by his party was the legitimate representative of ethnic Albanians in North Macedonia.

As he added, in the presidential and parliamentary election, it won 40,000 and over 30,000 votes, respectively, more than VLEN, including, in the coalition’s view, six MP seats more.

“The European Front has emerged as the second-strongest force in the country. These results were violated and that violation has continued through election engineering in front of the eyes of the whole local, regional, and international public. We’re starting our road to prevent this outvoting that is burdening co-existence and democracy and calling on citizens to join our efforts to protect the voice, legitimacy, and spirit of the Ohrid Framework Agreement,” Ahmeti stressed.

Asked what measures and activities the coalition would carry out, he stated that in the coming days, the public would be notified in consultations with all leaders of parties comprising the coalition.