Ahmeti: Kurti Interferes with Albanian Political Block in North Macedonia

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti stated for TV Top Channel Albania that Kosovo PM Albin Kurti is interfering in the Albanian political block in North Macedonia.

“He interferes indeed, unlike Albanian PM Edi Rama, who invested efforts to bring the Albanian political parties in North Macedonia closer together, and I am really grateful to him for that. Opposing to this, when Self-Determination got involved in the political campaigns in our country, even the international community was alerted,” Ahmeti said in relation of Kurti’s party Self-Determination joining forces with the opposition alliance in the Albanian political block in North Macedonia.

Alternative leader Afrim Gashi reacted to Ahmeti’s statements. “Ahmeti is saying this only because he lost the support from Kosovo and because of that he is preparing for the defeat of DUI at the upcoming election,” Gashi said.