Ahmeti to Be Presidential Candidate, DUI Sources Confirm for A1on

DUI sources confirmed on Thursday for A1on that the party’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, would enter the presidential race. In a statement for Indeksonline.net, the same day, Ahmeti didn’t rule out the possibility.

Commenting on the issue, Alternative leader Afrim Gashi, in an interview with Kanal 5 asked: “If it matters that much to DUI for an ethnic Albanian to be the PM or the President, why doesn’t it convince its voters to support Arben Taravari, who is backed by four parties and many citizens?”.

When it comes to SDSM, the party’s leader, Dimitar Kovacevski, said his party would have its own candidate. As he added, it will be supported by a big number of coalition partners. Asked about Stevo Pendarovski, Kovacevski’s stand is that the current President has done a great job during his term.