Albanian President Begaj Visits Bitola

On Tuesday, Albanian President Bajram Begaj paid a visit to Bitola, where he delivered a speech at an event marking the 115th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir (the old name of Bitola).

He thanked North Macedonia for marking the date of importance to Albanians and their alphabet, adding that other neighbours, too, should mutually respect one another.

Asked about the problems related to Bulgaria on the European path for North Macedonia and about the potential blockade of Albania’s integration by Greece over the Fredi Beleri case, the Albanian President nonetheless expressed optimism. As he added, that November 22, Albanian Alphabet Day, is irrefutable proof of the good relations between the two countries.

“That should be done by the other neighbours. They should respect one another and respect the peoples’ symbols. I wish our two peoples the best. I hope for the shortest EU path possible and a better tomorrow and prosperity of the region. I am an optimist by nature, as our rebirthers were 115 years ago,” Begaj stressed.