Alliance for Albanians Central Assembly with Initiative for Dismissal of Taravari

At today’s meeting of the Central Assembly of Alliance for Albanians, an initiative was launched to dismiss Arben Taravari as party leader, Ziadin Sela, who, according to the Statute, heads the Assembly, pointed out on Saturday.

“We were waiting for him to come where he belongs, which is at this Assembly, as the highest organ between two Congress sessions. He didn’t come. Unfortunately, according to this, by members of the Central Presidency, it was proposed that the item on the agenda, according to which the leader should present a report on the latest developments regarding the party, was meaningless. After that, that item was removed and another one was placed, that is, one to dismiss the leader, according to Article 48 of the party’s Statute,” Sela stated.

As he explained, 106 of the 108 Central Assembly members in attendance voted in favour of that, one abstained, and one was against.

“As a consequence and result of that decision, the other item was for a Congress session to be held on 18 February, where a decision will be being made on the initiative to dismiss Taravari,” Sela, Taravari’s predecessor as party leader, stressed.