Alliance for Albanians Holds Congress Session Convened by Taravari

Delegates that attended Friday’s extraordinary Congress session of Alliance for Albanians convened by party leader Arben Taravari unanimously supported his candidacy in the presidential rate and abolished decisions made by the session of the party’s Central Assembly, held on 10 February, which was convened by that Assembly’s head, Ziadin Sela.

In addition, delegates adopted changes to the party’s Statute that impact the post of Assembly President. Out of 739 delegates at a national level, this Congress session was attended by 421, spokesperson Blerant Ramadani explained.

“There were three main items. First, passing Taravari’s candidacy in the presidential race. Second, abolishing the decisions of the 10 February Assembly session. Third, changing and amending the party’s Statute. It should be noted that there were 421 votes in favour regarding all three items, except the first one, when there was just one abstention,” he noted.

The change to the Statute has abolished the changes approved on 24 December 2022 and reintroduced the preliminary version, passed on 27 March 2002, “to remove the dysfunctionalities” with regards to the party’s decision-making. As Alliance for Albanians pointed out, one of the direct implications of the changes is abolishing the position of Assembly President and the body’s authorisations.