Alliance for Albanians Leader Taravari Comments on Several Topics

Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari, asked about the issue of participating in the elections with joint lists with DUI, said on Tuesday the last decision of his party’s leadership was participation in the elections independently.

“We’re getting ready to participate independently and mobilising membership. That’s my stand and that’s the stand also of the party’s Presidency. As to whether it will change, it will be clear after the highest organ of the party’s session,” he stated.

When it comes to the rejection of the amnesty law in Parliament, Taravari said it had a humiliating effect. “However, we don’t want to be problematic, that is, troublemakers, within the government,” he stated.

According to Taravari, there is a possibility of the party’s Central Presidency holding a session by the end of November, where the possibility of the party leaving the ruling structure will be analysed.