Alliance for Albanians Situation: Latest Developments

By posting an old photo showing everyone together, Alliance for Albanians Secretary General Krenar Lloga has tried to ease tensions following the incidents on Sunday and Monday. In a message to members and supporters Lloga, who’s the Justice Minister, says the party is open to everyone.

Since Sunday night, Lloga has been sharing group photos. As he wrote, the party will not allow the prediction by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, who, in an interview, talking about potential partners of DUI, said “and what will remain of Alliance for Albanians”, to come true.

Party leader Arben Taravari and his predecessor, Ziadin Sela, too, have been active on social media. The latter shared a photo of the “big Alliance party house”, while the former of “the miracle of a people” for changes. Also, he shared a letter of support from the majority of the 19 members of the party’s Academy, which is a strategic-advisory body for party policy.

The letter is signed also by MP Halil Snopce, Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti, and Information Society and Administration Minister Azir Aliu. Regarding the unfired bullet left outside his home, Taravari said on Monday he had a message to the one who had left it.

“Even if you fire from heavy artillery, the change has started and will not stop,” he wrote.