Ambassador Aggeler on Visit to Supreme Court

Following the information published on Saturday that US Ambassador Angela Aggeler paid a visit to the Supreme Court upon a request from judges under fierce pressure from the government who asked for protection against political retaliation, Sitel asked and received on Monday a comment from the Ambassador.

In the written text, she says she was glad to meet Court President Ademi and other judges, as well as to hear their remarks and concerns.

“Judges in any court and any country have to make decisions on the basis of the law and without interference. Interference of private persons or public officials in court processes must not be tolerated by those in the judiciary, by the government or by the people of this country,” the Ambassador points out.

As she adds, the outside influence harms public trust in North Macedonia’s institutions and officials. “Justice has to be transparent – citizens of this country deserve nothing less,” Ambassador Aggeler emphasises.