Association of Journalists Condemns Toxicology Clinic Head Ilazi’s Order

The Association of Journalists has reacted to the document according to which the Organisational Director of the Toxicology Clinic, Besia Ilazi, forbids employees from giving statements for media.

According to the text, she has done so to protect the health institution’s reputation.

At the end, it is said that failure to comply with the order will result in punishment. The order, the Association pointed out on Tuesday, represents a major violation of freedom of speech and professional journalism, in contradiction with the Constitution.

Condemning the order, the Association stressed that it would contact the Health Ministry and seek accountability from Ilazi.

“Additionally, we will insist on the order being urgently withdrawn and on establishing transparency in the Clinic’s work in order to ensure freedom of speech and the right of journalists to inform about matters of public interest,” it pointed out.

The same day, Ilazi invited a journalist to her office and criticised Doctor Niko Bekjarovski and the dismissed Medical Director, Danil Petrovski, saying the latter had employed his daughter-in-law before the start of her term as Organisational Director.