Attack Case: Police Trade Union Head and Dukovska Present Opposite Views

During a press-conference of the Independent Trade Union of Police on Saturday, outside the Information Society and Administration, the organisation’s head, Goce Delcev, was attacked by Aleksandra Dukovska, who presents herself as a journalist.

The verbal argument started with the words: “Who are you? Why are you following me? I am a journalist. Who are you?”. It then turned into a physical attack. After the incident, on social media, Delcev posted photos, asking whether someone was losing their patience and using a physical attack to “intimidate the independent trade union existence”. The Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers and Association of Journalists of Macedonia reacted, calling for a zero-tolerance policy on all kinds of violence.

Freelance journalist Dukovska said she demanded for her “truth”, too, to be respected, the 360 Stepeni portal reported the following day. She denied she had physically attacked Delcev and demanded also an apology for, as she said, the lies about her. “Is calling for help, help is some attack or are you afraid that I will revise your status of journalists? The video shows that the man who was properly recorded, reported with a stand, hits me. I expect you, as a media initiative, and let others evaluate whether you are that or not, a public apology for inflicting and stating defamations,” she said.