Besia Ilazi Case: Latest Reactions

At a press-conference on Monday, Toxicology Clinic employees alleged again that the Acting Organisational Director, Besia Ilazi, didn’t want to approve the employment of two candidates with a biology degree and an orderly, and was instead pushing for the 18 people whose contracts had expired in 2023.

Ilazi greeted journalists in Macedonian, but then started to speak in Albanian. When journalists asked her whether she would talk in Macedonian, she said she wouldn’t.

The same day, Health Minister Ilir Demiri said he didn’t have remarks about Ilazi’s work.

However, he announced that he would dismiss the Medical Director, Danil Petrovski. The Minister has asked inspection bodies to carry out checks.

The Clinic’s employees said among the other problems was the fact that since Ilazi’s appointment, the Clinic’s debt had increased by nearly two million denars in fewer than two months.