Besim Krasniqi Issued 40-Day Detention Measure

The Ferizaj/Urosevac Basic Court has issued a 40-day detention measure against Besim Krasniqi, who was among the four North Macedonian citizens arrested by Kosovo’s police on 3 May, on the basis of an international warrant issued upon North Macedonia’s request.

As the Court said on Sunday, there is an INTERPOL warrant over suspicions that he is responsible for preparing acts of terrorism and burglary.

The institution added that against him, an international warrant had been issued by INTERPOL, with requests dated 2 April 2005 and 9 May 2008, by North Macedonia. According to the suspicions, Krasniqi committed the crimes in North Macedonia.

The parties have been notified that appealing the decision will not postpone its enforcement. Three of the four arrested North Macedonia citizens have Kosovan passports, too, sources have told Telma.