Bulgarian Club “Balkan Bridge” Established in Bitola

New Bulgarian cultural club has been open in Bitola, with funds provided by Bulgarian businessman Milen Vrabevski and his foundation Bulgarian Memory.

Vrabevski and his foundation also funded the previous cultural club Vancho Mihailov, which was shut down last year after the institutions concluded that, in accordance with the laws, its name was unsuitable.

As some of the members explain, the new club, named “Balkan Bridge”, has been established in the spring of 2023.

“Our goal is to build bridges, harmony and understanding between Macedonians and Bulgarians. We do not want to be related with controversial historical figures,” the activists from the club stated, adding that in the past several days they have handed over donations to families throughout Bitola. President of the new club is Ljupco Josevski from Bitola.