Bytyqi Announces Law to Change Legislation concerning Salaries of Officials

In an interview with 24 TV on Monday, Deputy PM Fatmir Bytyqi announced a law to change the legislation concerning salaries of officials. As he explained, the goal is to adopt a more just law that would free funds that will be intended for anti-crisis measures for the most vulnerable categories.

The decision was made after the Government had made a decision to task four ministers with forming new anti-crisis measures. According to Bytyqi, the Budget reutilisation will result in new, around 70 million euros for new anti-crisis measures.

The new package will be publicly presented ins several days. On Tuesday, at the Government session, without PM Dimitar Kovacevski, who was in Tirana, the deputy PMs and ministers in attendance didn’t make a final decision on how to reduce their salaries.

A draft-law to change the legislation was discussed, Labour and Social Policy Minister Jovanka Trencevska told Telma. Multiple options were discussed, but the final decision will be made once the PM returns from Tirana.