Caretaker Minister Toskovski on Personal Documents and Vehicle Stickers Issue

In an interview with the Top Tema (Top Topic) show on Telma, caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski said yesterday that 525,000 active driving licences containing the new constitutional name had been printed.

“When it comes to valid licences containing the previous name, there are 272,000. Those are valid licences that haven’t been renewed to include the new name. Now, with the changes to the Road Traffic Safety Law, they will be valid until 31 December 2024,” he noted.

Regarding the stickers reading “NMK” for vehicles, he said 350,000 had been distributed to technical examination stations. Asked whether it would represent a waste of money or there would be a change to the 2019 Rulebook, changed in 2020 and 20203, according to which the Interior Minister must not be behind distribution and placement of stickers, Toskovski said Ministry services were currently drawing up a new rulebook.