Caretaker PM Xhaferi Submits Proposal for Mexhiti and Aliu Dismissal

Caretaker PM Talat Xhaferi submitted on Thursday to Parliament the proposal for Fatmir Mexhiti and Azir Aliu to be dismissed as Minister of Health and Minister of Information Society and Administration, respectively.

In the document sent to Speaker Jovan Mitreski, he requests for the Ministers, who are in Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari’s camp, to be dismissed at the first following session that will be held. The candidates to succeed Mexhiti and Aliu are Ilir Demiri and Naim Bajrami, respectively.

Aliu and Mexhiti are not resigning. Though he was initially reserved, SDSM leader and ex-PM Dimitar Kovacevski is now presenting a more concrete position, that is, he said that SDSM’s Parliamentary Group would vote according to what would arrive from the Government and which stand Alliance for Albanians MPs would present.