Citizens Urge Implementation of Law on Obligations Changes concerning Debts

Multiple citizens submitted on Monday requests, in writing, to Justice Minister Krenar Lloga, urging implementation of the changes to the Law on Obligations concerning enforcement agents and outdated debts, adopted by Parliament and published in the Official Gazette more than seven months ago.

In addition, they pointed to the confirmation of the constitutionality of the changes by the Constitutional Court, as well as to the decision by Parliament’s Legislative Committee that authentic interpretation is not required.

“Why did you adopt the law? Why are you lying to the people? We will not vote if the law is not implemented,” a protester said.

In response, the Justice Ministry said that it didn’t have legal competences to issue authentic interpretation of legal norms, adding that Parliament was exclusively in charge of that. Also, it added that courts had the competence to act on the basis of an outdated case concerning an enforcement agent.