City of Skopje Critical of Slaveski for Postponement of Session

The City of Skopje criticised on Thursday Council President Trajko Slaveski, saying he’d wilfully postponed the session which had been supposed to see a vote on projects of key importance to people in the capital.

“Probably waiting from instructions from his party’s boss, Slaveski today blocked the equal development of the city he promoted himself by going door to door with the For a Modern Skopje programme of Mayor Danela Arsovska,” the City said, urging VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, to, as it added, give instructions to Council members from his party in a timely fashion.

The same day, Arsovska didn’t appear at the session where she was supposed to answer questions from Council members. VMRO-DPMNE Council member Marija Andonovska asked what was more important to Arsovska than her obligation to be at the session and work for Skopje and its people.

Thursday also saw PM Dimitar Kovacevski voice a stand on the developments, saying citizens didn’t deserve what was happening.