Conference on Quality of Adjudication as Prerequisite to Restore Public Trust

Fair and transparent processes, commitment, personal integrity, and joint action were among the recommendations to restore trust in the judiciary, highlighted in the frames of the judicial conference on quality adjudication as a perquisite to restore public trust, held in Skopje on Tuesday.

At the event, organised by the Association of Judges, with OSCE Mission support, the Mission’s Deputy Head, Susan Penksa, stated that recent times had seen significant challenges concerning the judiciary, adding that the highly-politicised rulings, with insufficient transparency and quality, had shaken trust.

She called for united efforts to restore trust. Supreme Court President Besa Ademi described cases of public interest as an indicator of public trust.

In that regard, she underlined that well-explained court rulings represented a protective guarantee against arbitrary adjudication. Personal integrity is needed for there to be quality adjudication, the Court’s President added.