Constitutional Court not to Take Action over Initiatives Related to Corridors

The Constitutional Court has decided against taking action upon the initiatives challenging the constitutionality of the legal changes enabling construction workers to choose to work up to 12 hours a day when it comes to strategic projects for the country, such as the Bechtel and ENKA Corridors.

Though the decision was not made unanimously, it was said on Wednesday that the changes enabled a choice, not an obligation, for a worker to accept additional work hours by expressing their consent in writing.

Judges consider that the obligation for the worker to have, every day, uninterrupted rest of 12 hours (24 on a Sunday), remains, as does the one for day rest.

The Court also has found that the income for a worker who will agree, on their own, to working another four hours, is guaranteed by law.

Regarding the initiative over the alleged endangerment of health of workers, the Court said it didn’t have the jurisdiction to interfere, adding that the Labour Inspectorate was in charge of that matter.

Additionally, the Court assesses that the fact, too, that the contractor will have to report, to the Inspectorate’s regional unit, every consent to overtime means that the protection of rights of workers is guaranteed.