Constitutional Court’s Kacarska Presents Report on Work during Term as Head

At a press-conference on Wednesday, held on the occasion of the ending of her term (on June 2), Constitutional Court President Dobrila Kacarska presented activities carried out during her three-year period as head of the institution.

Among the matters highlighted were the Act regulating the Court’s work and the manner in which citizens can contact the institution, as well as the increased level of transparency.

Regarding the Act, she said it would enable legal entities and foreign citizens to submit a request and seek protection of their rights and freedoms, as well as the possibility of the Ombudsperson filing such requests on behalf of those citizens who couldn’t do so on their own.

The Constitutional Court President also said her institution had strengthened its cooperation with the OSCE Mission, started cooperation with the IPA programme that would be carried out in the next two years, and solidified cooperation with the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation e.V. (IRZ).