Coordination Body Considers Possibility to Enhance Measures over US List

The Coordination Body for analysing and enhancing the legislation in fighting corruption and organised crime held a meeting on Friday where it considered the possibility to enhance restrictive measures regarding the US sanctions list.

The draft-changes to the Law on Restrictive Measures are an initiative by Deputy PM for Good Governance Policies Slavica Grkovska. The goal is to enable US sanctions concerning corruption, organised crime, terrorism, and hybrid threats to be able to be applied in North Macedonia, too, and for the covered entities to face sanctions according to domestic legislation.

Those part of the meeting agreed on the need to draw up an effective text that will cover the scope of the sanctions list and amend the law by including a procedure on the basis of which US sanctions will be processed in North Macedonia’s legislation.

Following the consolidation of observations and proposals from members that were discussed at the session, the draft-changes to the Law will be submitted to the Government for consideration and adoption at some of the following sessions, the Coordination Body concluded.