Corruption Challenges Discussed at Forum in Skopje

According to a report presented by the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation on Wednesday, during the first day of the Open Forum on Anti-Corruption, which is taking place in Skopje, 65% of citizens consider corruption to be the biggest problem affecting them.

Over 80% of polled citizens believe that ministers, MPs, judges, and party leaders are perceived as most corrupt. President Stevo Pendarovski agrees with US Ambassador Angela Aggeler’s stand, presented by her yesterday on social media in relation to the designation of ex-Deputy PM Koco Angjusev, that there is an “epidemic of corruption” in North Macedonia.

The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer, said that he would closely follow the work of the new composition of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption.

Once again, he criticised the Criminal Code changes that have resulted in the statute of limitations over many cases expiring.