Dabovic-Anastasovska Nominated by SDSM for Constitutional Court Judge

University professor Jadranka Dabovic-Anastasovska has been nominated by SDSM to become part of the Constitutional Court, as a result of the expiration of the retired Jovan Josifovski’s term at the start of last year.

On Monday, opposition MPs didn’t want the agenda to be determined because, as they said, they received an invitation late on Friday afternoon and didn’t have information about the nominee’s name and CV even after the session of the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues.

As they explained, according to the Rules of Procedure, they need to get the material five days before the start of the session. The session was postponed for Tuesday.

The opposition will use the item on the agenda and has submitted its own nominees: Professors Rodna Zivkovska and Savo Klimovski, as well as Todor Vitlarov, Prosecutor at the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Stip.

When it comes to Dabovic-Anastanovska, she is a member of SDSM. In the past, she was part of the Health Insurance Fund’s Managing Board.