Dameva Meets Dutch Ambassador Jan Kop, EU Ambassador Geer

The Dutch Embassy in North Macedonia revealed via its profiles on social networks that Ambassador Dirk Jan Kop had a meeting with President of the Judicial Council Vesna Dameva.

“Ambassador Kop is pleased that the Judicial Council is a legal entity again. It is now of high importance and urgency to start restoring the trust of the public and the international community in the Judicial Council. Ms Dameva gave an outline of the manner, in which she will implement the recommendations of the EU Peer Review Mission in a transparent way. The Netherlands will now strongly consider restarting the project with the JC that was suspended in May last year,” the Dutch Embassy wrote on Facebook.

Also on Tuesday, Dameva had a meeting with EU Ambassador David Geer. As they inform from the Judicial Council that Geer welcomed the reinstatement of Dameva as Council President, and recommended that 17 of the 40 recommendations of the Evaluation Mission of the European Commission can be immediately implemented, since they are short-term ones.