Democratic Movement Leader Mexhiti in Interview with Fokus

In an interview with Fokus, Democratic Movement leader Izet Mexhiti says regarding DUI that he paid the price for his criticism of his former party.

“We weren’t dismissed. We were driven away. We reached a point of going home or continuing the battle. 99% of the people from those rallies and public appearances are here. I will thank those that have returned for their contribution,” he notes.

Mexhiti says he never wanted to be the leader of DUI.

“Had that been so, I would have expressed that, I wouldn’t have been hiding it during my time as part of DUI, for 20 years,” Mexhiti notes, adding that the reason for there being work on bringing the opposition from the ethnic Albanian bloc together shows that being a leader is not the be-all and end-all.

Mexhiti says he doesn’t support the Open Balkan initiative. “We’re in favour of the Berlin Process, which doesn’t see Kosovo as a problem, but sees those that are a problem, that is, the tentacles of Putin’s octopus,” he adds.