Deputy PM Maricic Meets Ambassador Geer and EU Mission Heads

“Today, upon an initiative from Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic, a meeting was held with the EU Delegation’s Head, Ambassador David Geer, and EU mission heads in our country,” the Secretariat for European Affairs said on Tuesday.

The meeting saw a discussion on multiple current political topics, with the focus being on the dynamism of the EU negotiations and reform processes. “We’re making efforts to change the atmosphere reigning within the opposition over the constitutional amendments.

This is at this moment of biggest importance to us, a moment on which the next progress and keeping the European discourse of the country depends,” Maricic noted.

EU mission heads expressed support for North Macedonia’s processes and the Government’s unwavering approach of the Government to make new progress towards the EU, stressing that, in addition to the constitutional changes, the Government had to stay focused on the reform agenda in order to be able to finish successfully in the next seven years the obligation and tasks of the country during the EU negotiations.