Domestic Reactions to Israel-Related Developments

On Saturday, North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry called on nationals of North Macedonia to comply with instructions by security authorities. PM Dimitar Kovacevski and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani were among those who condemned the attacks by Hamas.

“I strongly condemn violent attacks by group Hamas on Israel. Extending our full solidarity with Israel; these acts of terror must stop immediately,” the latter tweeted.

According to information from North Macedonia’s Embassy in Tel Aviv, seven North Macedonia nationals are in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, which is not a Hamas target. On Sunday, however, the Ministry said the number of North Macedonia nationals reporting they were in and around the endangered areas in Israel was on the rise.

The Embassy in Tel Aviv is in constant contact with them, while additional measures are being taken for potential assistance so that they are evacuated safely.

As the Ministry said later that day, nine tourists from Veles are expected to soon land in Tirana, from where they will be transported to North Macedonia, seven other tourists have crossed the border with Jordan, where they were received by North Macedonia’s Honorary Consul, while in the morning, a family of four, via a commercial flight, from Tel Aviv, headed to Istanbul, from where it will continue its journey home.

According to the Ministry’s estimates, there are 100-200 North Macedonia nationals on the territory of Israel and the endangered areas, which are expected to contact the institution. 11 construction workers are in Ramallah (West Bank).