Draft Version of New Criminal Code Prepared

Academician Vlado Kambovski, head of the working group for the new criminal code, has told Telma that the new text has been finished and will over the course of the week be handed over to the Justice Ministry.

The text has 100 articles more and the work on it was done by professors and active judges and prosecutors. The draft version doesn’t provide for new mitigation regarding the current situation resulting from the changes made in September. Instead, there is closing of the window that has seen over the past weeks a lot of officials escape justice.

A completely new article for crime by officials, for public procurement abuse is being introduced. The sentences are much longer when compared to those in the September changes. The new act is covered by two paragraphs with laid down only minimum sentences of four or five years.

The statute of limitations over would expire four decades after the crime is committed. Regarding abuse of official position, there are longer sentences too.