Drin Ahmeti Arrested with 749 Pieces of Pyrotechnics

The Interior Ministry confirmed that Drin Ahmeti, nephew of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, has been arrested on Saturday 30 December 2023. Police officers from the special unit Tiger arrested Ahmeti on Saturday around 07:50 pm, after they found in his vehicle 749 of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics.

After providing his statement at a police station, Drin Ahmeti was released. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski confirmed the case.

“Our teams are processing the pyrotechnics, and once the investigation is complete, suitable charges will be filed. After this, it is up to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office (BPPO) to process the case further,” Spasovski said.

The arrest of Drin Ahmeti provoked reactions by some of the political parties from the opposition block.

“The government must answer the public whether the smuggling and illegal sale of pyrotechnics is part of the pro-European entrepreneurial spirit of Drin Ahmeti, who let us remind, managed to buy the Soravia Shopping Centre in Skopje for a ridiculous amount of money,” said Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

From Besa, they demanded immediate legal repercussions against Drin Ahmeti, adding that smuggling of illegal pyrotechnics is unacceptable and that the Interior Ministry must do its job properly.