DUI Meeting: Xhaferi Accepts Nomination to Be Caretaker PM

At DUI’s meeting in Mala Recica on Friday, the party nominated Talat Xhaferi as the caretaker PM in the 100 days before the elections next year.

The Parliament Speaker accepted the nomination, saying he would hold office with respect and responsibility. Also, the party authorised its leader, Ali Ahmeti to continue talks with parties on potential coalitions for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Fatmir Besimi will head DUI’s election HQ. VMRO-DPMNE criticised the decision for Xhaferi to be the caretaker PM. “The despot from Forino will be remembered for his breaking of the law and procedures, as well as for the illegal manner in which he was elected Speaker,” the party said.

VMRO-DPMNE’s door regarding a coalition with parties from the ethnic Albanian bloc is open, Vladimir Gjorcev pointed out.

“We have cooperated and we will cooperate. The door’s open. The hand’s been extended. I think this SDSM-DUI government is rather delegitimised. It does not enjoy the people’s support. We want to form and we will form a government without SDSM and DUI,” he stated.