DUI Starts Post-Election Activities

On Friday, DUI’s Presidency held a central meeting.

“What’s most important is that citizens strongly supported the European Front,” the party said.

Citizens, it was added, expect the EU integration negotiations, started by DUI, to resume.

At a meeting with parties part of the Front the following day, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said the coalition was the legitimate representative of communities that were not the majority in the country. He said nostalgia, spite, and differences should be left aside because they didn’t belong in politics.

“We are convinced that, as never before, our country needs stability, peace, good interethnic relations, zero problems with neighbours, and full-fledged EU membership,” he stated.

In front of the leaders of the other parties within the European Front, Ahmeti read the joint declaration signed with VLEN leaders Arben Taravari, Bilall Kasami, Afrim Gashi, and Izet Mexhiti, according to which there will be no coalitions with a party that will not support the adoption of the constitutional changes.