DUI’s Ahmeti and Skender Rexhepi Zejd Sign Pre-Election Coalition Deal

On Tuesday, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and People’s Movement leader Skender Rexhepi Zejd signed a pre-election coalition deal.

“We’ve always dreamt that ethnic Albanians will be united in one front. Why am I now talking again about history? Because I know what my dreams are. Big things don’t achieve themselves on their own,” Ahmeti said, adding that the unification of ethnic Albanians in North Macedonia was a result of things in global politics being bad.

The DUI leader again said that EU membership would prevent emigration.

“Russia shouldn’t be disregarded. It is already in our country and has founded a party. It has media here, it has founded militants here. We want a peaceful and clean Balkans, a region that will join the EU, as it joined NATO,” Ahmeti pointed out.