DUI’s Osmani Comments on Several Topics

DUI Vice-President Bujar Osmani stated on Wednesday that there was a created perception that in every institution where ethnic Albanians worked, it meant DUI was present there.

Regarding the accusations from the ethnic Albanian opposition about alleged political influence of DUI on the judiciary and links with Supreme Court Judges, he stated that not all ethnic Albanians working at institutions were DUI staff.

Asked about the ethnic Albanian opposition’s claims that DUI fears a potential return of ex-PM Nikola Gruevski, Osmani said that it was about intra-party turmoil within VMRO- DPMNE, while DUI was not at all interested in what was going on regarding its former coalition partner.

“DUI is stronger than ever,” he stated. When it comes to the ethnic Albanian opposition’s accusations about DUI giving up on the efforts for the constitutional changes to be adopted, Osmani is adamant his party will do everything it can for the process to be carried out.