EU Ambassador Geer Hopes North Macedonia will Use Momentum

On Wednesday, asked whether the results of the EU elections would impact enlargement, EU Ambassador David Geer said Government leaders of the 27 EU members had shown following the elections commitment that enlargement would be their strategic vision in the last five years.

“So, I can say the enlargement process remains a top priority,” the EU Ambassador stated.

Currently, according to the Ambassador, there is truly a huge opportunity for North Macedonia with regards to enlargement. In that regard, he added that he really hoped North Macedonia, as well as the entire Western Balkans, would be able to use the positive momentum over enlargement and move more decisively on the EU path.

The Ambassador made those comments in Vinica, where he met Mayor Mile Petkov and Council members.

At the meeting, there was a discussion on the Municipality’s economic opportunities and natural potentials, as well as on the financial capacities for implementation of ongoing projects, especially those implemented with EU support.