EU Peer-Review Mission Report on Judicial Council Divided into Five Areas

Telma has obtained the EU’s peer-review mission report concerning the Judicial Council.

Among the recommendations are determining, through a law, a minimum number of votes for a judge to become a Council member, a possibility to vote against when there is one candidate, and defining the term “prominent attorney” because the vagueness impacts the quality of Council members.

The 40 recommendations are divided into five areas: composition and structure of the Council, mandate of the members, election and appointment, disciplinary proceedings, and transparency, resources, and funding.

The experts also propose, inter alia, for members that are not judges to be elected in a procedure as the one used for the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, for the Justice Minister and the Supreme Court President not to be members, and for regulation of disciplinary proceedings against members of the Council in more detail.

According to the mission, in the field of general recommendations, members need to serve according to the highest standards of ethics.