European Alliance for Changes Meets New Parliament Speaker Mitreski

The ethnic Albanian opposition, that is, the European Alliance for Changes coalition, held a meeting with the new Speaker of Parliament, Jovan Mitreski.

The coalition’s representatives asked for the process to elect a State Election Commission (SEC) member to be unblocked. After the meeting, Fadil Zendeli, MP representing BESA, which is part of the coalition, stated that if the Chair of the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues didn’t unblock that body’s work in the coming days, a criminal charge would be filed against her.

As he added, ex-Speaker Talat Xhaferi complicated the whole procedure by giving a newly-formed party without legal competences to take over a SEC member.

The coalition’s candidate for SEC member is Abdush Demiri, while the other candidate is Zulfi Adili of Alliance for Albanians, who’s been formally nominated by Arjanit Hoxha’s newly-formed party.