Ex-Fifth Directorate Head Passport Taken away by Croatian Authorities

Croatia’s authorities have taken away the passport of the former head of the Interior Ministry’s Fifth Directorate, Goran Grujevski.

According to Sitel information, he is not allowed to leave Croatia even though he was released on Saturday because he has asylum in Greece.

Additionally, Croatia will request documentation from North Macedonia’s Justice Ministry about what Grujevski is wanted on an international warrant for. The Ministry has said that all documents requested by Croatia will be submitted.

When it comes to why an extradition hasn’t been requested so far, the Ministry explains that there hasn’t been so far any communication from Croatia over the ex-Directorate head. Grujevski and his co-worker, Nikola Boshkovski, fled to Greece from North Macedonia in June 2017, after they’d been charged in the Target-Fortress case, which concerns the wire-tapping scandal.

They were arrested on October 18 of the same year at the airport in Thessaloniki with fake Bulgarian passports, under the names Nexhbi Hasan (Grujevski) and Hristo Atanasov (Boskovski).